Instead of spending your summer saying, “don’t… and stop it” spend your summer catching your child doing something good. Catch your child being kind, obedient, creative, polite, truthful, patient, wise, loving, friendly, intelligent, generous, and joyful.

I find that I respond quickly to positive reinforcement and encouragement. Are you like me?

Research indicates that positive behavior support for preschool age children mediates early problem behaviors.

Early in my parenting journey, I used stickers and cards to “catch my son and daughter demonstrating virtuous behaviors. They were eager to collect the reward stickers and the reward cards.  An added benefit was the overflow that happened when their dad arrived home from work. The children wholeheartedly told their dad what they had been “caught” doing.

Children are delighted to “tell” adults about their day. The practice of “catching” Amber and Aaron being obedient and kind set my husband, Carl, up for a win when he arrived home from work. Carl was able to compliment and encourage the children because they were caught being…

  • kind
  • obedient
  • creative
  • polite
  • truthful
  • patient
  • wise
  • loving
  • friendly
  • intelligent
  • generous
  • joyful

You know in the midst of the compliments there were moments of discipline and correction, too. However, the negative behaviors did not dominate the day.

4 Benefits of Catching Your Child Demonstrating Virtuous Behavior

  1. Promotes Peace in the Home
  2. Strengthens Parent Child Relationships
  3. Strengthens Sibling Relationships
  4. Strengthens Friend Relationships

3 Ways to Involve Your Children

  1. Involve your child in catching other family members and friends being kind, obedient, creative, polite, truthful, patient, wise, loving, friendly, intelligent, generous, and joyful.
  2. Focus on one virtue per day.
    • Children enjoy using their imaginations to make up stories. At breakfast begin with “Once upon a time a purple alligator decided she would use her mouth to be kind. No more snapping for her. Penny the purple alligator was kind when she…” Let your child fill in the next part of the story. Then you can end with, “…and the mama alligator was proud of Penny each time she caught her being kind.”
    • Give an “I was caught being kind” sticker each time your child demonstrates kindness.
    • Give an “I was caught being kind” card. Children enjoy collecting small cards and objects. Consider writing a quick note on the back of each card with the child’s name. Ex. Sally, I’m proud of you. You were kind and shared your toys with Ethan today.
  3. Read, write, or memorize a Bible verse that reinforces the virtue. “She opens her mouth in wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.” Proverbs 31:26 Click here for scriptures for each virtue on the list.

Make this the best summer yet! Download your free printable sticker and card templates. Catch the children in your life being good. You’ll be glad you did!

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