Hi, I’m Ginger Craddock.  I’m the author and founder of Book Club Bible Study and IRONMEN Bible Study.  You have discovered my personal blog.  I’m delighted that you are here!  Read on to see how my blog can help you take the next right step.  You can find joy in the journey.

Here to Help

Life is good.  Life is gritty.  I’m here to help you process the gritty circumstances of life.  You know we all have them!  I have a proven track record of navigating the gritty seasons of life with joy.  Yes, authentic joy!

I’ll help you take practical steps toward

  • a healthier self-image.
  • healthier relationships that foster security.
  • a healthier marriage; built for navigating the good and the gritty.
  • healthy parenting that builds legacy.
  • healthy finances.
  • healthy work that is meaningful and satisfying.

Why I Blog

Positive voices who will bring clarity to this generation are needed now.  People who are willing to lead by example.  Men, women, and students who are able to navigate the good and the gritty circumstances of life with integrity and stability.  People who will take the next right step and choose to find joy in the journey of life.

It’s time to pay it forward. Faithful mentors have invested in me.  I share what has been entrusted to me because it forever changed my life.  There is no need for anyone to lead a deteriorating or mediocre life.  Circumstances may be gritty, but together our hearts can navigate the grit with joy and peace.

Ginger Craddock Find Joy in the Journey

My Everyday Life

My everyday life probably looks a lot like your life.  Join me over on Facebook and Twitter.  It’s where I share my everyday journey with you.

You’ll meet my husband, Carl.  He’s been my “prince charming” for over 30 years of marriage. Our precious pup, Gracie, the big red dog, is my running buddy.  Our children, Amber and Aaron are all grown up.  They flew out of the nest after college.  Our daughter-in-love, Lauren, is an extraordinary answer to prayer.  She is the daughter of my heart. You’ll catch glimpses of  each of them.  They carry my heart wherever they go.

Through the years, I have lived in five states (CA, CO, AL, TN, TX).  Though the miles separate us, it makes my heart happy to see the faces of friends and family on social media.

I’m passionate about the role of the local church.  It has proven to be the single most important community connection for my family.  A life lived well is anchored in Jesus Christ, supported by the local church, and the instruction of sound doctrine found in the Bible.

Here to Serve, Lead, and Train

In my past life, I was a corporate bank trainer.  I led and taught Bible study part-time for over fifteen years.  Seven years ago, I was given the opportunity to transition into full-time ministry.  It’s been exciting to take my corporate skills and leverage them to serve and lead in ministry.

I want you to know, each step in your journey is part of a bigger plan.  Stay faithful and obedient to God.  Take the next right step as it presents itself.  You will find joy in the journey.  I believe in YOU!  Now, take that step!

Ginger Craddock Speaking Bona Fide Life Changing Faith

 Just for Fun

In my free time, I enjoy training for triathlons with my husband Carl, reading, planting flowers, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Just for Fun Ginger Craddock Find Joy In The Journey



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