Life is good. Life is gritty. You have a choice to make in how you handle the ups and downs of life.

Long ago in my twenties when life required more than I could bear, I made a decision. As I look back, that single decision has stabilized my life in the good and the gritty circumstances.

THE DECISION:  Always choose to find joy in the journey.

Where do you find yourself today in the midst of the good and the grit?


Heartbreak is mingled with joy. You know this is true if you have been a mom for more than 24 hours. The joy of seeing your child for the first time. The agony of her first cry when you cannot soothe her. The cycle repeats itself throughout each life stage and each relationship. Joy and heartbreak are interwoven.

As I have navigated the joys and sorrows of mothering; I have often reflected upon the words from the old hymn “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.”  Truly sorrow and love flowed mingled down on that day for the Father and the Son. “Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all.” A love so powerful that it has the capacity to mend each and every heart.

A Safe Bible Study for Men and Women

Are you looking for a safe way to step into Bible study?  My friend Whitney Newton joined me for a discussion about IronMen Bible Study and Book Club Bible Study.

Here’s what you can expect from IronMen Bible Study and Book Club Bible Study.

  • Study Options that Fit Your Lifestyle – As you navigate through your life, you will see that there is an ebb and flow in the amount of time you have available to read and study your Bible.  Study options allow you to personalize your study time and make it work with your schedule.  This can vary by day and by week.  You are positioned for success.
  • The Bible “Workbook.” – You will go straight to the Bible “workbook” to discover what is written in the Bible. The New Inductive Study Bible is the “workbook.”  It is a one-time investment.  You will be able to study each book of the Bible with this one workbook.  At the end of each book in the Bible, you will find a place for your personal observations and notes.
  • You will be Safe – When it’s time to turn to a scripture passage you want to be safe.  You don’t want to look like a dummy!  You will love being able to turn to page 1521 instead of being told to turn to Zephaniah 3:17. The voices in my head would sound like this if I was told to turn to Zephaniah 3:17; Who the heck is Zephaniah?  Is he even in the Bible?  Click the link for Zephaniah 3:17.  It’s a verse you will want to memorize
  • Discussions are Based on Scripture – Discussions are not opinion driven. They are based on the scripture.  Together with others in your group you will learn how to get answers from the Bible step-by-step.  The discussion guides are free to IronMen Bible Study participants and Book Club Bible Study participants.
  • Gain Confidence –  As you learn to study step-by-step; you will gain confidence in your ability to accurately study and understand the Bible.
  • Meaningful Friendships – You will navigate a variety of life issues in Bible study. As you learn and grow together with your group; you will form a bond.  You are likely to develop some life-long friendships.
  • Leadership Opportunities – Leader labs provide a safe place for new and experienced leaders to hone their skills.  Labs also provide a support system for navigating the challenges of leadership.

Are Your Words Like Gasoline or a Snuggie®?

Have you ever found your words spewing forth like gasoline on a fire?  Busted!  Sometimes that has been me, too.

Great news!  Together you and I can jump on over to Book Club Bible Study and learn to use our words in a more constructive soothing manner.  Choose from local Bible study groups and online Bible study groups.  Check out the talented leadership team for KEEP IT SHUT.  Gifted women representing every life-stage.

KEEP IT SHUT – What to say. How to say it, and when to say nothing at all is our next “mini-mester” at Book Club Bible Study.  Karen Ehman, author of KEEP IT SHUT will teach you